About This Site

I was a boat owner and live aboard for 10 years in the 1980’s and 1990’s. After an absence of 20 years, I  returned to ocean sailing at the age of 66. This site is entirely based upon my opinions, research, and personal experience. I hope that it will be informative and entertaining to both sailors and non-sailors.

I am not the oldest sailor (yet) or the most experienced sailor. Sailing, like all of life, comes with its own risk and rewards. Please weigh all of my opinions and seek other opinions and experiences before embarking on anything from a day sail to a blue water adventure.

In 2015 I crewed on an extended trip from Guatemala, through the Panama Canal, and to Costa Rica.  So, I decided to try to find another crew position. My first experience was very enjoyable. I got to do a lot of sailing and got along well with the captain. No blood was spilled, no blows were thrown, and hardly a voice was raised. I was even invited to the captain’s house after the trip.

I found another  position over the internet. Of course, there is the potential that an internet connection will end like a bad date, but I  corresponded with the captain several times and we spoke over the phone. He was more experienced that I am.   The boat was a C & C Landfall 48. We left Oxford, MD in early December of 2015 and arrived at St Thomas on Christmas day.

In early 2016 I decided to become a boat owner again. I also decided that my boat would be small to minimize costs (a low cost boat is an oxymoron) and keep the sails from being too large for me to handle. I also decided that I would probably single-hand the boat most of the time. I’m not ruling out ever having a crew member, but I don’t want to be restricted by not having a crew or having to deal with someone that I don’t get along with.

Before I made this decision, I spent a lot of time doing a personal self-assessment. I consider myself a competent sailor. I have years of sailing experience in many different conditions and know have to navigate, anchor, dock, etc. I am comfortable at sea and feel that I can make good decisions in all situations.

I  understand that this is a serious undertaking and can’t underestimate the physical and mental challenges that come with single-handed passage making. Part of the learning process has led to to search for and study the writings of single-handed sailors. I came to realize that single-handed passage making is not the same as sailing a boat by yourself. I have done that many, many times. I need to learn new skills, improve upon existing ones,  and equip the boat properly to be as safe as possible. Fortunately, I’m finding a lot of good information.

A lot of this Blog will be written for myself, but I welcome you to join me as I set out on this learning process. Things that work well for me may be helpful to you. More importantly, the mistakes I make  may help you avoid some of your own.

I welcome any constructive criticism, useful links, or helpful tips. Please keep the “you’re crazy” comments to yourself.

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Wishing you Blue Skies and Tailwinds.



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