Here’s a short sample of video I recorded with my GoPro mounted on an ATV. It’s been edited and sped up 300% to just catch some of the view on the main road.

DABOTE is still one the hard in Guatemala.


2 thoughts on “ISLA UTILA, HONDURAS

  1. Tiller pilots, even the Raymarine 2000, which probably has a sailboat displacement rating exceeding your boat’s displacement, just can’t handle the open ocean. You have to install a really heavy duty below-decks type autopilot if you are headed for blue water. Mine is all Simrad components except for the bronze Edson mini-tiller which clamps onto the rudder post just underneath the tiller. An electric push-pull motor drives a stainless rod connected to the Edson mini-tiller. 9000 miles in the open ocean (including a several days with winds exceeding 30 knots) and no complaints – I hardly touch the tiller except leaving and entering marinas. I just put another 700 n.m. on it this summer. As Gayle said, it was expensive, but well worth it.

    Paul S, still sailing s/v Dragon’s Wing


  2. Thanks, Paul. I remember how well your autopilot works. I’m still trying to decide what to do.

    Option 1 is to buy 2 auto tillers, seal them well. and have one as a spare. That is cheap, but I’m not convinced they are powerful enough.

    Option 2 is a system like yours. It costs more, but it works well and is much more reliable. After spending so many miserable hours on the tiller, I can see the value to having a reliable autopilot. Our first boat had a below deck autopilot with a ball screw connected to the quadrant. It never failed to work well.

    These autotillers just don’t look like serious gear.


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