I had to make a hard decision to abandon my plans to continue to Panama after my auto tiller died. There are no repair or purchase options on the island and shipment of a new one from the states would take a couple weeks. That would put me further into the hurricane season.

I has another very exhausting 24 hours of hand steering to get back to Guatemala and had the boat hauled. It’ll remain there for the rest of the year. I could have left it in the water, but it costs about the same to have it out.

It’s discouraging, but there was no way I could continue without an auto tiller. I did do some steering by using the sails tied to the tiller and using a length of surgical tubing to balance the force. That worked well with the wind forward of the beam or slightly beyond that, but I couldn’t get it work downwind.  I have studied methods and watched videos, but I lacked a downwind pole. I had tried to find one in Guatemala, but was unsuccessful.


I’m back in Costa Rica and have time to make decisions about how to continue.

I had some photos from Utila and from the boat yard, but I lost them when I had to reset my new phone to unblock it from the AT&T network.




One thought on “BACK ON THE HARD

  1. As you may know we’re in Oaxaca Mexico. Will be back in August for 3 weeks, but will be real busy working. And then we’ll come back again to Costa Rica in late November.
    I’m sure Marsha is very glad to have you back.
    I like boats. I like to be around boats. I like to be on boats, but I’m not so sure I would like to be doing what you’re doing
    Paul & Gloria


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