It sure is taking longer to get out of here than I ever would have guessed. I spent a couple nights on the lake to shake out some of the systems. I had a leaky shaft seal and engine fuel problem. Those got fixed and then I had a water pump leak. The pump needs a couple $11 seals. These are not available here, of course. So, while I wait for them to come from the U.S., I took a couple days to visit Takal.

Takal is the site of an ancient Maya city. There are miles of trails and various pyramids and other ruins. You can search for more information, I’m just going to post a few pictures. There are many clearly marked trails through the jungle.  I saw a lot of birds, monkeys, and coatis.



Restoration is a slow process. Here is a cycle being used as a cable lift to haul stone and cement to one of the temples.


I saw a lot of birds. I wasn’t able to get good photos. Here is one very colorful kind of turkey that I could approach.


My pump seals arrive Wednesday. I may be on my way to Belize soon. I hate to jinx it by thinking that this is the last thing I have to fix.