Progress on the Hard

The day after  posting those ugly photos, I thought that i would make a quick post on the progress to date. I have had a lot of great help from the male members of the Foley family. They are self described “Overlanders.” The five of them have been traveling for 2 years and will have to move on before their vehicle permit expires.

Tim and his sons, Wyatt and Carson have been sanding and painting every day for over a week. The boat has 2 coats of bottom paint and 2 coats of epoxy primer on the hull. The top side painting preparation is very labor intensive. The finish coats will be high gloss polyurethane and will show any brush strokes or scratches. So it’s been sanding and filling and sanding for days.

Here is what it looks like now. I have another day of fine detailing before the first finish coat


L-R Carson, Tim, Wyatt.


You can read more about the Foley family at

Malia and Kaila Foley are not pictured here but you can read about them at their site. The entire family has been a pleasure to meet and spend time with and they have really come through on the labor side. I’m going to miss them and not just for the labor.



4 thoughts on “Progress on the Hard

  1. Long time no hear, but glad to know you were only lying low for a bit. Much enjoy your posts; they make me both envious and dreamy. I’d volunteer to come down and help, but by the time you could train me to be of assistance, we’d both be too old. Keep up the good work.


  2. Hi Tom – Thanks for the very kind words!! We really enjoyed the project. And although I won’t miss the daily sanding… for a few days anyway… I’ll miss the daily Trump talks over beverages.
    See you down the road.
    Fair winds…


    • Thanks Tim. I’m still anchored off RAM and get the wifi sometimes. I’m getting things squared away and off loading a lot of stuff for Julia and Pass it On Guatemala.

      I’ll keep in touch and I hope to see you guys somewhere down the road and/or ocean.

      I should be at Casey’s soon.

      Enjoy your new adventures.


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