I Just Moved Aboard

Well, I’m in Rio Dulce, Guatemala. I arrived on Nov. 15 and first went to the marina on the 16th.

The boat was closed up for a long time, so it needed a good airing and cleaning. I stayed in a hotel 3 nights while I worked on cleaning and finding where everything was aboard.

Above decks it was gray/green. After a lot of elbow grease and Clorox, it is white again. It still needs painting, but I knew that. At least it doesn’t look totally unloved.

I talked to Casey a couple times. He’s the one with the Shannon and I can still stay in his cabin and he will help me relocate a lot of good equipment from it. I’m taking the anchor windlass, some winches, and the roller furling.  For now I am in a nice marina for $125 per month. I met a lot of nice people here from all over the world.

I started the engine today (a 16 HP Perkins diesel). It started fine. I know  the shift cable is disconnected and that’s on the to do list.

The boat could sail away now, but I want to add a few things.

I had a bit of an adventure today. I couldn’t find pillows and sheets in Rio Dulce so I took a shared minivan to a nearby town. You can flag these down on the road and they are very inexpensive. What I didn’t know is that they pack them like a clown car. They also drive like their hair is on fire.

I arrived alive and got my pillows and sheets and had a nice lunch. Then I flagged down a van. I was the last aboard. I ended up sitting on a narrow piece of metal behind the front passenger seat. It was more of a foot rest than a place to sit. My feet were on the entry step and there were too many people to close the door. I did have a handhold. My feet shared the step with the young guy who took the money and handled the seating and baggage. He was leaning out the open door as we raced down the road and would climb out and go on top where the baggage was as we approached a stop, He did this while the van was at full speed and he came back down after the van had left the stop.

I’m sure that I’ll never do anything that dangerous at sea.

I’ll post again soon and maybe add a few photos. The photo on the main page of this blog is the Rio Dulce from the center of the bridge.


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