Finding the Boat

I did a lot of searching for a boat on the internet. I know what I want in a sailboat, but have not limited myself to a specific model. My basic requirements are:

  • Seaworthy. For me that means well built with a good reputation.
  • Hull, deck, and rigging in good condition.
  • Mast climbing steps or ladder.
  • Sails in good condition.
  • Hank on head sails (no roller furling).
  • 30 ft +/- a couple in length.
  • Tiller steering.
  • Sloop or cutter rig.
  • Fiberglass or steel.
  • Has to have a good sea berth.
  • Inboard diesel engine.
  • Minimum 2 burner propane stove. Alcohol possible.
  • Spray dodger and bimini (canvas).
  • Good rowing dingy.
  • Small outboard engine.
  • Strong ground tackle (anchors, chain, and line)
  • Auto tiller.
  • Good compass.
  •  Depth sounder and GPS.
  • VHF radio.

It’s not likely that I will find a perfect fit to this list, but a sound boat that can be fitted out the way I want it can be found. Some of the ones I will be looking at have extra things that are not on the list like radar, refrigeration, larger stoves, and wind vane steering. These are nice to have, but not essential. There are also a lot more details that I won’t write in this post. It would get too long and boring. I would write forever and never look for the boat.

I’m in Rio Dulce, Guatemala and think that I found “the one.” I looked at 3 possibles and narrowed it to a Cape Dory 28. The Cape Dory 28 is a solid and sound ‘pocket blue water cruiser’  with the famous Alberg full keel and moderate, well-distributed sail plan that result in a yacht that is easily handled by a minimum of crew. Her hefty displacement of 9,000 pounds, and her long keel with attached rudder allow the Cape Dory 28 to hold her course in a seaway

I’ve made an offer, contingent on a marine survey (inspection) and am waiting for a response. My offer is near the asking price of $14,000, so I think I will be able to close this deal soon.




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