Departure Day

Today should be the day. It’s been a lot more work getting the boat ready and a bad starter had us delayed.  We will have a new one this morning and will leave  as soon as the engine starts.

Working on a boat always takes longer than you think it will. It is best to be small, limber, and ambidexterous. I am none of those. Finding 2 wires that run up to helm sounds easy until you crawl in below the cockpit and try to identify and pull back one cable from a bundle of cables and hoses. Then make a connection on your back while dropping a short screw three times. It can all be done, but it takes a lot of time. Multiply that by 5 or six simple jobs and time flies.

Now we are stowing supplies and spares and are down to a few non-mission critical tasks. The Virgin Islands are about 1200 nm from here. I say about, because we will not go on a straight line course. First we will go about 200 nm off-shore before turning south. That is to stay clear of Caper Hatteris. The trip will be about 10 days, plus or minus a couple. Winds and seas will dictate.

I should post again before Christmas.



4 thoughts on “Departure Day

  1. Are you sure? Ok, I will get my plane tix now. How do I get into skype? what you gave me didn’t work. There are 2 messages that I assume is you, also on phone. You can always get Eva. She knows how to use it and keeps hers with her. Poor China has had 3 surgeries. The first was with the cheap Abrazo deal. I checked her a couple days later and the site had opened and had a hernia. Andres had to cut the skin back and clean things up. Her intestines were coming right out at home. Then it got infected and China was allergic to the suture material. She is wearing the cone of shame, poor thing. I gave Eva her extra for xmas and I gifted China some money to help with expenses. Paid the rent. I invited Gloria and Paul for this weekend, but they are busy. They might stop by this afternoon. This weekend is the big local craft fair. The weather has been beautiful. Love, Me

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